Protect Your Biggest Investment in Cortez & Montezuma County, CO and the Surrounding Areas

Remove hazardous trees safely with the help of our professionals

Tree removal can be a dangerous business. Take action when overgrown or diseased trees pose a threat to your home and have Canopy Tree Specialists LLC take care of the problem safely and effectively. Our team will carefully take unsightly or dangerous trees down, piece by piece, removing dead or diseased limbs that are endangering your property. You'll be able to rest easy knowing your tree removal work and property investment are in the hands of experienced professionals.

Leave the dirty work to the tree removal experts

Cortez & Montezuma County's Canopy Tree Specialists have extensive experience with tree removal services and will take the hard work out of your yard work. Our experts will handle every step of the removal process for you, including:

Assessing the state of the tree in need of removal
Checking for damaged or diseased limbs
Carefully removing the tree piece by piece
Grinding and removing leftover roots and stumps

Your property will be free of unwanted or threatening trees in no time! Learn more about the removal process by contacting Canopy Tree Specialists.

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