Trees Looking a Little Worse for Wear?

Get them checked out by Cortez & Montezuma County, CO's Canopy Tree Specialists.

Caring for trees in Colorado requires the touch of an experienced arborist. Luckily, Canopy Tree Specialists is just a phone call away. We know what trees in our area need in order to thrive and can promptly diagnose your dying or damaged trees to pinpoint the source of the problem. We'll analyze the health of your tree to determine if it can be saved, and carry out a restoration solution if possible.

Your trees can be restored to a thriving state with the help of our tree care experts. Reach out to schedule a tree health assessment from Canopy Tree Specialists LLC today.

How we assess the health of your trees

Diagnosing tree problems can be difficult, but not when you have the experts at Canopy Tree Specialists on the job. We'll provide a tree health assessment for your Cortez & Montezuma County property's tree line that will take a number of different factors into account, and look for telltale signs of damage caused by:

  • Under watering
  • Disease
  • Invasive pests
  • Improper planting

Once we diagnose the source of the problem, we'll do everything we can to save your trees and restore them to vigorous health. Get started by bringing in the team at Canopy Tree Specialists today.