Stump Grinding Services in Cortez & Montezuma County, CO and the Surrounding Areas

Let Canopy Tree Specialists handle your stump removal

The Canopy Tree Specialists crew has the experience and skills to handle tricky stump removal services. Whether we removed your trees or they were felled by mother nature, we'll ensure that all traces of the troublesome trees are removed safely. Our grinder can go as deep as a foot into the ground to remove roots and prevent future regrowth. You'll be free of those remaining stumps in no time!

Our team is ready to get started on your stump grinding whenever you are! Call Canopy Tree Specialists LLC to get the ball rolling.

Why remove tree stumps from your Colorado property?

Stumps aren't just unsightly-they can cause a number of problems if left behind after a tree is removed. Leftover stumps can potentially:

  • Attract termites that could potentially damage your home
  • Affect proper drainage when it rains
  • Continue to grow and damage your driveway or foundation
  • Cause difficulty landscaping or managing your yard

Canopy Tree Specialists can eliminate typical issues caused by stumps that are left behind with stump grinding. We'll dig deep to keep your property safe and beautiful.